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Frequently Asked Questions

At TAS we do more than just the required Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI). We also provide a Community & Homeowner orientation. Our aim is to ensure you are fully oriented to your new home and community.

If your PDI is taking place after the community has been granted legal occupancy, then we will take you on a tour of the community, amenities and your exclusive use spaces, like parking and lockers, (if purchased).

If your PDI is taking place prior to the community being granted legal occupancy, then no worries. We host Community Connection events.

A PDI provides you with an inspection and walk-through of your new home prior to possession or Interim/Final Closing.

The PDI Group will conduct your inspection which includes a thorough review of your new home including important preventative maintenance and other homeowner responsibilities.

Together you or your designate will note any incomplete, damaged, or missing items and your PDI Group Inspector will help orient you to items that may be warrantable based on Tarion standards or items that do not meet the TAS Above and Beyond commitment.

When the inspection is complete, you or your appointed Designate (DOA) will be asked to confirm that all listed deficiencies existed prior to occupancy.

A Designate or Designate of Agent (DOA) is a trusted family member, friend or associate that you legally appoint by completing a DOA form, to conduct matters defined on your behalf.

A DOA can do your Design Selections, your PDI, reserve community amenities and more, depending on what you specify in the completion of your DOA form.

We recommend always having a DOA in advance. Having a DOA will be of great assistance in the event of an emergency, or if you will be unable to attend your appointment.

The PDI Group is the professional inspection team that we have retained to conduct your PDI. They will be contacting you approximately 4 – 6 weeks prior to your appointment which is assigned based on the Construction & Occupancy Schedule

The PDI Group will be booking approximately four floors at a time starting from the first residential floor. If you are on a higher floor, they will be contacting you at a later date.

We conduct PDI’s during regular business hours, weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm. Keeping these hours allows us to have access to our trades, teams and necessary information to support the appointments.

Please note that this date could change, and our team will always work to keep you informed.

The PDI is an important part of your new home warranty, and a lot of information is covered in a relatively short period of time. We ask that only purchasers on the agreement attend and/or up to three people that are all over the age of 18 years.

If your PDI is before we have been granted legal Occupancy, for safety reasons, children are not allowed on an active construction site. Even after Occupancy, we recommend that, if possible, you make arrangements so you can focus on your inspection.

No problem. While having you attend is always our preferred option, your Agreement of Purchase & Sale and TARION, allow us to conduct it on your behalf so we can maintain the Construction Schedule and be ready for your Interim/Final Closing and Occupancy.

We always recommend appointing a Designate of Agent (DOA). A trusted associate that you legally appoint to attend on your behalf. To appoint a DOA, a completed DOA form must be sent in advance.

If we conduct the PDI we record all the information and provide it to you which you will be able to supplement at any time as part of your 1st and 2nd year Warranty, should you have concerns.

We will be hosting Homeowner Seminars and Community Connection Events that will support you in getting the information you need and the PDI Group plus our Customer Care team is always there to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Our first choice is to always have you attend the PDI. However, with industry shortages in labour combined with supply chain issues, we need to maintain a very strict Construction & Occupancy Schedule across the community so we can be ready for Interim/Final Closings and Occupancy.

During the early stages and before we have legal Occupancy, we will not be able to take you on a tour of your exclusive and common element spaces. However, we will be hosting Community Connection Events so you can get oriented to all the interior and exterior features of The Keeley Community.

While we work to conduct PDI’s at least a week ahead of Interim Closing, there are occasions when due to Construction constraints, the PDI occurs closer to your possession date. Which may be your Interim or Final Closing depending on the community’s registration status.

After PDI our teams work to complete all warrantable issues identified during your inspection in preparation for your Interim or Final Closing.

Information will be shared with you and your lawyer on all the details so you can be prepared.

The New Home Closing Check is an inspection conducted by you, the owner or your Designate. This inspection is conducted to confirm that all items that were listed on your PDI have been completed and to note any additional concerns that may have been missed or happened between your PDI and Closing.

We encourage you take time to see your new home and complete the New Home Closing Check form which must be done before you move-in and within 24 hours from when you pick up your keys.

While it’s not mandatory, we want to be sure you protect your new home warranty by noting any warranty requests or concerns that may have occurred between the PDI and prior to your move-in that you want us to assess.

Simply fill in the form right after key pick up or within 24 hours and leave the completed form with the Community Concierge. We pick up the forms daily so we will be quick to assess your concerns.

Yes, you need insurance as part of your APS and Occupancy Agreement.

Your home insurance will need to cover everything contained in your legal unit as defined in the Declaration.

The Corporation’s insurance, should there ever be an issue, will cover what is defined as the “Standard Unit” which is part of the By-laws and does not cover any upgrades or personal possessions.

Interim Occupancy Final Closing
Title of ownership has not been transferred to your name. You are not the legal owner. Title of ownership has fully transferred to your name and the unit is officially yours.
Instead of paying your mortgage, you pay an interim occupancy fee. Your mortgage is now in effect (should you require one) and interim occupancy fees will cease.
Your unit is ready but construction on some other units may not be complete. Construction on all units is completed and the building is registered with the Land Registry Office.

The Interim Occupancy period is from the date of the first possession until final closing which occurs after your community has legal registration.

This period allows us to complete construction (this may include some unfinished common spaces and amenities) while coordinating the move-in of all homeowners.

During interim occupancy, you will be expected to pay a kind of rent or monthly Occupancy Fee which is proscribed by the Condominium Act.

A few weeks prior to your Firm Occupancy Date, we will contact you and your lawyer so you can provide a series of post-dated cheques for your anticipated occupancy fees. These will be delivered by your lawyer to the TAS solicitor.

Your monthly Maintenance Fees are what you pay to your Condominium Corporation after you take legal title at Final Closing. These fees cover shared expenses for maintaining and managing exclusive use and common areas and amenities, such as landscaping, security, utilities, cleaning, and sometimes insurance.

Occupancy Fees are proscribed by the Condominium Act and are provided to your builder on a monthly basis during the Interim Period of Occupancy.

Your keys can be released to you once your suite has legally closed (interim or final) which is communicated between your lawyers and the lawyers for the builder/vendor.

Once confirmation is made then you can pick your keys up with The Keeley Concierge where you will need to present two pieces of government issued ID.

Acceptable forms of government issued ID:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Health card
  • Citizenship card
  • Ontario photo card

Since the lawyer and bank transactions take about a day, confirmation of closing generally is not provided by the solicitors until late afternoon. This is why we do not take elevator reservations on the same day as your closing. However, you are able to access your home any time after you pick up your keys.

Be sure to complete your New Home Closing Check form, which must be done before you move-in and within 24 hours from when you pick up your keys.

Your primary contact for in-suite questions during your first-year warranty period will be professional teams at The PDI Group who we have retained to conduct your PDI and support the after move-in services within your home. Their information is in your New Home Package, but they can be reached at

Your common elements can be reserved directly by using your Building Link portal on-line. However, if you have any questions about reserving your community amenities or wish to report a common element concern your Melbourne Property Management team will assist you at

Your Community Concierge is also there for you. They are on-site 24 hours a day 7 days a week and they can address most of your community issues and support you especially afterhours or in an emergency.

Your New Home Warranty is provided by TAS as your new home builder. The TARION Warranty Corporation is there to protect consumers when builders do not complete their obligations under the Ontario New Home Warranty (ONHW) Plan – or if you wish to double check a decision your builder has made on a warranty item.

You are welcome to submit 30 Day and Year End forms to TARION. However, as the warranty is our shared responsibility with you, our goal is to complete all of your requests promptly and to always meet or exceed any obligations set out by TARION.

We have prepared important information in your New Home Discovery Package which includes information about the maximum size of truck that fits in the moving area plus the critical dimensions of the moving elevators and more.

If you have larger furniture or a lot of things to move, we recommend using a professional moving company that has all the necessary equipment to transport your possessions safely, without damage – to the property.

You will be able to reserve your elevator and move-in at the time of PDI with your Property Management team.

Be sure to complete your New Home Closing Check form, which must be done before you move-in and within 24 hours from when you pick up your keys.

Exclusive Use Common Elements are those spaces in the community that are designated for use by a specific home or unit owner. They are spaces like parking spots, lockers, balconies or terraces.

Common Elements are spaces that can be used or reserved by every unit or homeowner in the community like the lobby, mailroom, party room, gym and other shared spaces.

Your Maintenance Fees to the Condominium Corporation cover the cost for the day-to-day use and servicing of both the Common and Exclusive Use spaces.

Registration refers to the formal creation of the condominium corporation. The process is initiated when the builder submits plans and paperwork to the requisite governmental authorities once all the units and common elements within the project have been substantially completed.

The condominium’s declaration and description are ultimately registered in the Land Registry Office, following their approval by the requisite governmental authorities. The entire process can take approximately two to five months following first occupancies in the community.

The first Annual General Meeting is known as the Turn-Over meeting.

It is called the Turnover Meeting because it is the first AGM when the builder/vendor Board who has been running the Corporation to date “turns over” responsibility to a newly elected resident Board of Directors.

We recommend that every homeowner participate in this and every AGM, as it is the precise time when you elect your Board of Directors and are updated on all matters of the Condo Corporation.

Board members are elected at the Turnover/Annual General Meeting or AGM

Property Management sends out invitations to all members of the community in advance of any AGM, including the Turnover where they request candidates interested in running for the Board.

In Ontario, candidates must be at least 18 years old. They cannot be bankrupt, and they must not have been found incapable of managing property within the meaning of the Substitute Decisions Act or the Mental Health Act. The candidate – must be an individual (not a corporation) and must comply with the required Candidate disclosure obligations.

Generally, no. We encourage every type of resident to consider running for the Board so all types of voices can be heard. However, there is usually at least one or more positions of the 3 – 5 members that are designated for owners in the community depending on what’s in your Condo By-laws & Rules.

Canada Post recommends forwarding your address 4 – 6 weeks before you relocate however you can coordinate it at any time by going to Canada Post’s website.

You can also check your Postal Code there but at The Keeley we can confirm your temporary Postal Code is:

  • All Maryport addresses will use M3M 0E2
  • 3100 Keele St will use M3M 0E1
  • 3090 Keele St will use M3M 2H4

When you forward your mail, Canada Post will not include parcels, regular deliveries like your newspaper or other special items so be sure to check the details of their service.

Canada Post determines when service commences in any new community and while your mailroom will be ready at first occupancy, sometimes until there are more people living in the community, they will refer you to a temporary mail pick up location.

Your temporary pick-up location is:

66 Ray Ave, Toronto, ON M6M 0A8
Pick up hours Monday to Friday
9:00AM to 4:00PM

It is important that you arrange 4- 6 weeks in advance to forward your mail via Canada Posts Website.

Yes, Carma is the service provider we have established for The Keeley Community. You will receive information by email and at your Pre-Delivery Inspection PDI.

This information can be found on the website of the school board within your region i.e.: Toronto District School Board. The school board will have an online look-up to determine the local school within your area.

It is important to note that just because you live in a catchment area, your children may not attend the closest school. TDSB and other school districts have guidelines and processes they use so we recommend you begin arrangements early which can be done at any time.